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Education In Numbers - How It Changes The Future

The world today is becoming more and more technical and material as the days go by. The rate of scientific advancement is at an all-time high and it looks as though there is no chance for it to slow down any time soon. At the core of every scientific progress is the knowledge of math. You could even say that without math, even the basic everyday operations would come to a halt.

Therefore, math is without a shadow of doubt, a vital component in shaping the future of a country and its economy. This is why it is so important to instill a love for the subject at an early age so that the foundation is strong. Mathematics, arithmetic and statistics are the three pillars that need to be incorporated into the studies of every child for a holistic education.

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Including math in the education system

In most developed parts of the world, the learning of math starts from the kindergarten level and continues throughout the years that the child spends in school. The curriculum covers basic arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and then moves on to more complicated processes like logarithms and matrices. In a way, this is a great way to prepare the students for other competitive exams that require the knowledge of school-level mathematics. Math assignment help is always easy to find online.

For those who actually love the subject, the option of taking up mathematics at higher levels of education like college, research and PhD work, is also very much encouraged. They are the ones, who actually contribute to the advancement of the subject, which in turn helps the scientific field grow as a whole. It is important that teachers and school supervisors devote more attention to mathematics and encourage more activities like math clubs and competitions to promote it.

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How to promote the subject among schoolchildren

The minds of children are like sponges. So, if from an early age they are told that math is a very tough subject or that the subject is only meant for boys, they readily inculcate these baseless generalizations and then, are unable to reach their true potential in the field. Here, are some fun and engaging ways in which math can be made enjoyable for schoolchildren:

Mathematic clubs and activities: Plenty of schools have math clubs, where children with a keen interest and bountiful knowledge of the subject gather. They solve sums and time themselves to improve their efficiency. They also compete against each other to promote a spirit of friendly competition.

Math-related games: Other games include math-related quizzes, scavenger hunts where the clues include little sums, and other such ways in which the subject can be included in everyday activities that children enjoy.<

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Merits and demerits of homework

For many years, the conventional belief was that math and homework go hand in hand. In order for a child to become better at the subject, he or she needs practice and up till a point, most parents believed that this practice could be provided by home assignments. However, there is an ongoing debate that this is actually the opposite of the truth as recent studies have found out that this only leads to more mental pressure on the student, which may inadvertently deteriorate his or her performance.Contemporary education specialists are saying that moderation is very important, especially on the part of the parents, who often tax their kids to study harder and harder. So, an hour at school and an hour at home devoted to the subject is more than enough for the child to unlock his or her true potential, according to experts.

Where to get assistance

All said and done, just like every other subject, math, too, is hard for some students to figure out. In cases like these, when practice fails and one is having genuine trouble keeping up with the rest of the class, he or she should not be too shy to ask for homework help. If sought in time, good help in this matter can be really effective in helping the student overcome weak points. There are private tutors or tutors appointed by schools, who provide significant help to a student in accordance with his or her special requirements. There is also the option of taking up remedial classes. This is a good option because the teacher, who is engaging with the student every day, will know best where and what kind of help he needs. There are also plenty of sites that students can access to get valuable help.